Sept of the Glorious Mountains aka “Refuge
(Level 4 Caern of Gnosis)

Refuge is the primary sept in the Rockies. Nearly all Garou in the Rockies are members of this sept. It is semi-easy to reach (if one knows the area). There are never fewer than six Garou present to defend the Caern. It is quite common for double that to be present.

The Officers of Refuge hold Moots every full moon. Most of the Garou in the Rockies try to attend (Except for the Bone Gnawers in Denver who have their own Moot, and those Garou attending the Wisdom Shrine). All cubs are brought to Refuge to begin their Rites of Passage.

Sept Officers
(Sept Leader/Galliard Elder) Tena Walks-with-Spirits – Elder
Co-Owner of Biggs-Jensen Law firm

(Master of the Rite/Theurge Elder) Moon-Shadow – Elder

(Caern Warder) Eats-the-Spirit – Adren
Slayer of Gurdilag

(Den Mother) Paws-of-the-White-Bear – Athro

(Talesinger) Song-of-Sorrow – Adren

Other Sept positions
(Ahroun Elder) Rends-the-Darkness – Elder
(Philodox Elder) The-Ancient – Elder+?
(Ragabash Elder) Angry-Critter-324 – Adren

(Bounders) – Assistant Warders -
Shakes-the-Earth – Cliath
Growls-at-Water – Cliath

Other members of the sept

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