Koda mortals

Six months or so after seeing the ‘new wolves’ in the region, Koda came across another human hunter. This one was different though. His scent was terrifying. He wounded a couple of her packmates. One lay wounded in front of him. The other managed to hide with Koda. The rest of the pack scattered. Koda could smell a terrible smell from the wounds of her packmates. She instinctively knew that they were dying. Seeing the man pull out a sharp object near the most wounded packmate, Koda charged along with the other wounded. Her wounded partner was shot down before reaching the man, but Koda made it. After wounding him badly, she let out a long howl, re-summoning her pack to finish the man off. She had to kill her remaining wounded friend. The taste from biting through his throat stayed with her for weeks. One thing she saw and ‘remembered’ was a strange shape/design on the man’s clothing/fur.

Months later, Koda and her pack encountered a crazed bear. This was a big one! The bear smelled strangely like the man she had slain months ago. This bear attacked her pack while they slept. This bear was killing and not eating. This frightened Koda. When they attacked and injured the bear, its wounds bled profusely and smelled horrible. Somehow the bear was tainted. He wasn’t a natural creature any more. She couldn’t understand it, but she knew she could stop the beast’s rampage. Losing two more members, her pack killed the mad animal and left it exposed to the sun.

Sometime later, the female alpha of the pack, challenged Koda. She didn’t know why, but the Alpha smelled of fear. Koda was content with her place in the pack before. But she wasn’t backing down. The fight was brief and bloody. It ended with the former alpha exposing her throat to Koda.

The pack was dwindling. Some died. Some left out of fear. Koda could sense it. Most of her packmates feared her. She didn’t know why, only that it was so. Her pack, her family, was breaking up.


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Koda mortals

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