Koda changes

Shortly after her First Change, she came upon the home of a tribe of Native Americans. She may never have found her way into Garou society if she had not met them. These Native Americans were kinfolk of the Uktena tribe, so she naturally gravitated towards that tribe. These Native Americans called her Koda. It’s a word from the Sioux of the Dakotas. It means “friend”.

She spent a few weeks with these people, especially with her friend, Danial Firehair. She learned a lot about Garou society from them. She also spent time tackling abstract thought. It was totally new to her.

After a few weeks, they told her that they were taking her to a moot, a meeting of her people. She was pretty sure that didn’t mean she was going back to see her pack. Everything was changing…

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Koda changes

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