Jaydea mortals

During her final year of Law School, Jaydea’s father was killed. He was pursuing a case against a local chemical company, charged with illegal dumping of toxic chemicals. He was shot twice and his body was left for the wild animals. The case was finally considered a suicide (shot twice? Really?) and closed. Jaydea knew better. She went to the funeral and back to school like a good little girl. But she had a plan. And it was going to start with Tellus Industries.

As expected, Jaydea graduated early. Her grades slipped after her father’s death, but that was mostly due to her ‘other studies’. She was practicing with guns and self defense skills. She was getting quite good at both by the time she graduated.

Her first case was trying to prove that Ben King, the new CEO of Tellus Industries was ordering his people to take shortcuts when removing toxic wastes. Unfortunately, due to a mix up in court records (and a hefty sum paid to the judge), Ben walked on a technicality.

This wasn’t over. Jaydea trained and planned for this. It didn’t matter if she won the case or not. In fact, it would be more satisfying if she lost. While following Ben King one evening, Jaydea saw him hop into a white van after leaving a local ‘executive watering hole’. She followed the van Northeast to Commerce City (a suburb). Six men, including King, got out carrying boxes and buckets. They went into a dark alley. Not worried, Jaydea followed them. She saw them dumping the boxes and buckets down into a sewer hub. After re-placing the grate, they left. She stayed hidden until they were gone. She knew before she even reached the sewer grate that she was going to find body parts. She could smell the blood. What disturbed her, was the sounds coming from the grate. When she peered in, something human-like ran off. It had been eating the carrion that King and his men dumped into the sewer. After vomiting profusely, Jaydea saw a rotted arm reach out of the darkness and grab a dismembered leg before running off.

When she was taking her concealed carry permit, Jaydea met Juda. They didn’t speak much, other than to make fun of a few of the other testers or ‘testes’ as they called them (This was, of course, Bob and Tom, along with their respective sons Bill and Ted). After the test, Jaydea had plans to follow Mr. King to his mistress‘s house north of town. The houses in the area were spread out enough for her to be confident that she wouldn’t be seen or heard while going about her business.


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Jaydea mortals

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