Koda early years

Koda remembers her birth. She remembers the first scent she picked up on. It was her mother. It was a scent she would never forget. Strangely enough, Koda was born alone. No litter, just her. Perhaps that’s why her mother’s scent was so strong.

When Koda was still young, her mother got caught in a hunter’s ‘bear trap’. Somehow, Koda found the strength to open the trap and get her mother out of it. Unfortunately, the wolf’s front left leg was broken and useless. Koda helped drag her mother to a hiding place. But, the hunters followed them. Koda’s mother tried pushing her away, to keep her safe, but Koda wouldn’t do it. Instead she dove out of hiding and went on the attack. The highly intoxicated hunters (Bob and Tom) wound up injuring each other in surprise.

A couple months later, Koda witnessed a large…something, flying over head. She hid and watched it as it landed. Some humans brought out a large cage and opened it, releasing several wolves into the wild. Koda tried to run, but the other wolves followed her. After a lot of sniffing, they all lost interest in each other. Koda rejoined her pack.


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Koda early years

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