Jaydea changes

Jaydea was standing outside. The house she was near belonged to the mistress of Ben King. Actually, it probably belonged to Mr King. It didn’t matter though. All she knew was that it was her night. The son of a bitch may have walked in and out of court like it was nothing, but tonight, it was time for the real judgement!

She walked up to Ben’s limo. Of course, the driver was sitting inside, waiting. Loosening her clothing, she flashed a little smile and knocked on the window. Feigning being lost, she got the driver leaning out of the car far enough to where she could knock him out with chloroform (The driver saw her. He could identify her. What was her plan here?).

After knocking out the driver, she preceded to sneak around back. Peeking inside, she saw a large man watching the ballgame. Silently, Jaydea crept in behind the large man and used the chloroform on him as well. She could hear sounds coming from the bedroom. She knew where her target was. There would be no chloroform this time. She pulled out her pistols and turned off the safety on them as she silently slipped through the house.

She took a few deep breaths while listening at the door. When she opened the door, she stopped cold. King was standing by the window fully dressed. His mistress was on the bed, dead. But what stunned Jaydea were the three grotesque creatures feeding on her body. They were the things from the below the sewer grate. She didn’t know what they were, but they were the most disgusting creatures she’d ever seen. When they saw her, they jumped from the bed to attack their next meal. She only had a second to react. She knew she was going to die, but she was true to her resolve. She took aim at Ben King and fired. She kept shooting as the ghoulish creatures dove upon her. She felt teeth and claws tearing her apart. The only thing she could focus on was Ben King slumping to the floor, dead. She felt both elation and rage in her final seconds. As she passed out, she noticed that most of her pain was coming from within. And she felt angry… no, she felt Rage!

When she woke up, it was morning. She was fine. Something had torn the creatures to pieces. Something had also torn Ben King’s body apart. His body looked worse than the creatures, like whatever did it, took special pleasure in tearing him apart. She backed out of the bedroom, tripping over the body of the bodyguard who had been watching the game. She noticed that the beast responsible even drug the driver inside and killed him as well. Whatever it was, it was smart. No witnesses. It took her a few minutes to realize that the beast was her….

She quickly showered and took some of the woman’s clothing since she was completely naked. Then she ran… and ran, and ran. She spent the rest of the weekend showering, cleaning herself and showering again.

On Monday, a woman and a man were waiting for her in her office. She nearly ran, but realized doing so would only make it look like she had done something. The two greeted her and closed her office door to talk in private. They began talking about what she had done. They even talked about her becoming a beast. She wasn’t sure what she expected them to do. She had a lot of ideas though… but they did something completely different. They offered her a job.

These two claimed to be the same thing she was. One even mentioned being from the same ‘Tribe’. They told her that many men like Ben King were still out there. A fact she knew well. They said that they owned a law firm that had been protecting their lands on the legal front. They also mentioned that they rather liked Jaydea’s approach. They had the resources, power, and knowledge to help her do what she wanted to do anyway. How could she say no?

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Jaydea changes

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