Our protagonists for these stories are:

Juda is a bounty hunter and private investigator that generally operates in the Denver/Cheyenne area. Juda’s First Change occurred during a very dangerous job.
Juda’s story can be found here.

Desmond, a former ‘one hit wonder’ rocker from the 90’s. His abuse of heavy drugs and other wyrm-toxins prevented his First Change from occurring when it should have. Desmond did not Change until well into his 30’s.
His story can be found here.

Koda, a wolf from the northern Rockies. She has had trouble with hunters and strange spirits in the past. Her first change came when the remainder of her pack was being threatened by a group of hunters.
You can learn about Koda here.

Jaydea is a lawyer who specializes in ‘Eco-Law’. She attacks corporations known for illegal polluting of the environment. Her First Change occurred while hunting down the CEO of Tellus Enterprises.
Jaydea’s past is recorded here.

David is a mysterious 13ish year old boy with uncertain ancestry. He has no memories of life before the First Change. Bikers seem to have caused his First Change, much to their regret. His next change happened due to drugged thieves, which was also rather bloody.
Nothing is known of David’s past. Don’t believe me? Look here.

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