Biggs-Jensen and Associates

Biggs-Jensen and Associates is a Law firm owned by a pair of Garou. Soul-of-Glass, a Glass Walker elder puts up all the money for the firm. Tena Walks-with-Spirits, a Child of Gaia elder, works as HR and consulting. Tena hires people as needed for investigation and leg work.

Bites-the-Wind, a Child of Gaia Fostern, is the only full time Garou worker. She directs investigations and assigns job tasks. She also decides what cases will be taken.

John Biggs and James Jensen are the kinfolk ‘owners’ of the firm. They are actual lawyers. They started the firm as an ‘eco-friendly’ law firm.

At the end of her Prelude, Jaydea was offered a position in the firm. She accepted the offer readily. This would allow her to pursue her interests with some major backing.

The current ‘target’ of the firm is Tellus Enterprises (recently changed to Tellus Industries).

Biggs-Jensen and Associates

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