A world of darkness…. a world so much like our own; and yet, so much more…

Denver, Colorado and the Rocky mountains
A war has been waged in this region for nearly two years now. Although barely noticeable by the average citizen, this war has claimed many lives… and unlives. This war was fought mainly between the Garou (werewolves) of the Rocky mountains and the Kindred (vampires) of Denver.

Relations between the two groups have never been good. A state of ‘cold war’ existed for many, many years. It finally exploded into full conflict after a delegation of Garou visited the city to speak with the local ruler (Prince) of the Kindred. Details are sketchy, but according to the Kindred, the Garou were actually there to assassinate their Prince. True or not, it is a fact that the delegation of Garou never left the city.

While fighting this secret war, both sides were faced with their own personal conflicts as well. In the end, neither group could continue the conflict. A ceasefire was accepted by both sides.

The Garou lost well over half of their population in the Rockies, as well as several of their sacred sites. The Kindred faced similar losses.

In the aftermath of this conflict, the Garou are trying to regroup and defend what they have left. They don’t have the numbers to take back what they lost. They barely have the numbers to defend what they still have. This situation has forced them to give up all but their most sacred areas. They desperately search for new cubs, as replacing their fallen warriors is otherwise impossible.

The many enemies of the Garou; the Black Spirals, the Skinners, bane spirits, and corrupt organizations looking to lay waste to nature, are aware of their weakened condition. They are planning to take this opportunity to make a major push to run the Garou out of the Rockies completely.

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Shadows Over the Rockies - Werewolf

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