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  • Shane "Desmond Stone" Austin

    "Desmond Stone"'s real name is Shane Austin (We think)... At least that's what it says in his Wikipedia entry. He grew up on 80's "hair metal" (4 - 14) and when he was 20 (1996), his band released a song that actually made the 'top 10'. They actually …

  • Koda

    Click [[Koda early years|here]] for biography.

  • David

    David remembers nothing before his First Change. In fact, he remembers very little about his Change. He remembers heat, pain, blood, and rage.... really REALLY remembers the rage. When he came to, there were bodies all around him. They were all ( …

  • Jaydea

    Click [[Jaydea early years|here]] for a more detailed biography. Tellus Enterprises - wacked Daddy Went to college/law school at 14, completed at 18 and became an environmental lawyer. Age: 20 Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Hazel Race: Caucasian …