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  • Tent City

    This is the home of a small band of Native Americans. It is neither a city, nor are all the homes tents. These people are kinfolk of the Uktena tribe. They survive off the land and by trading with other similar groups. Despite their self sufficiency, …

  • Bob and Tom

    Bob and Tom are hunters... sort of... They have guns. They go into the Rockies to shoot things from time to time. That's just about it. AT one point, they managed to shoot each other while [[Koda early years|hunt]]. Each of the two somehow managed …

  • Danial

    Danial Firehair (strangely enough, his hair is black) is an Uktena kinfolk. He befriended Koda and gave her her name. He also took her to her first moot. Back to [[Tent City]] or [[Koda changes|Koda]]